Meet our newest and very colourful guest maker.....

Firstly please can you introduce yourself (telling us a little about your work)

Hi I’m Beth Pegler, a mum of four living and working from my home in Sheffield.  I make textile jewellery, mainly with rope.  I incorporate macramé knots into my designs and I also use embroidery threads.


Can you talk us through the process of creating a piece of your work.

A piece of jewellery will come either from an idea I have in my head of something I’d like to make or from the knot itself.  I like to try out different macramé knots and see if they’d work as a piece of jewellery. I then choose the colours of rope for each collection which I absolutely love doing.  There’s quite a repetitive nature to my work but for me I find that relaxing especially as most of my jewellery can be made whilst sitting on the sofa.  I also love putting together a photoshoot, thinking about the hair and makeup and seeing the final images up on my website. 


Where do you find inspiration?

I have lots of knot books that I like to look through and I get very excited when I find a vintage macramé book in a charity shop.  I also find Pinterest to be full of inspiring ideas.


Describe your studio or workspace.

I worked from the dining room table for many years but as the business grew it became less and less sustainable to work like that especially with the kids sharing the table for painting and Lego building etc.  So about 6 months ago we had a move around and now I have the small box room as my work space which is just fantastic. I feel so much more organised now.  It’s important for me that it’s still in my home so I can work around the kids and their nee


Who inspires you? Who are your favourite makers? Artists?

I love the work of Sheila Hicks. She is an amazing fibre artist.  Windy Chien I discovered on Instagram through her knot-a-day for a year project and she also makes the most amazing large rope installations which I am in awe of.

Grande Boules Sheila Hicks

Grande Boules Sheila Hicks

Do you have a favourite recipe you could share with us?

We do a lot of baking as a family, my kids love to bake so probably a cake, the altogether cake is so easy and delicious.


Do you have a dream or goal you’d like to share with us?

I’d like to do some collaborations in the future, maybe with a ceramicist or metal worker. Something that would allow me to incorporate other elements into my rope jewellery.  But as long as I can continue to do this as my job and make it work alongside family life then I’ll be happy.